Atari Jaguar : AstroStorm Full Boxed Cartridge Release


Sometime in the future, aliens arrive.

Nobody knows why they are here or what their mission is. The only thing that is apparent is they are aiming for planetary annihilation.

A high quantity of large rocks have started raining from the sky causing devastation all around Earth. There is nowhere to hide anymore.

Leading scientists from all over the planet have come together to build what can only be thought of as our last hope; The Earth Defence Craft. There is only room for one pilot and you’re it, no pressure…

Command the Earth Defence Craft to search our solar system and destroy any anomalous rocks or aliens before they reach Earth.

Reports are coming in that the Aliens are transporting precious cargo to their waypoints via highly charged asteroids. Seek these out and you might gain an advantage.

Green navigation markers have been deployed to key locations around the Solar System where activity is at its highest. They will guide you through the safest routes to your next destination. As an added bonus, your ship will absorb their energy to recharge its shield, provided you stay on track.

Now get out there and stop them before it’s too late.

Is this our last stand?




Follow the story through 40 shooting levels mixed with navigation flight every 2 levels as you traverse our solar system seeking out the threat.

Campaign style game with never ending random levels for each play through. Rocks follow straight flight paths.

Arcade Shoot
Continuous random shooting levels with no flight sections in-between. Rocks fly with a more varied flight path.

Arcade Fly
Your shield is broken and failing. Fly for as long as you can before it runs out. To stay alive, you must make sure you fly through the green gates as often as possible.



Shooting Levels

AstroStorm is primarily a target based shoot ’em up where you must blast away all the rocks before your shield runs out.  In Campaign and Skirmish modes, after every two levels you must also fly to your next location.

When on a shooting level, the Command Monitor in the top left corner indicates which rock to shoot next.  Destroy all the rocks in the level, in the order commanded, to receive bonus points; achieving this in ‘Arcade Shoot’ mode also recharges your shield.  Red bonus rocks will occasionally fly past your view.  Every five red rocks destroyed awards you an extra life (up to a maximum of three).



To release powerups you must destroy the red rocks that fly across the screen.  Use your warp button to grab the powerup before it disappears.  Powerups collected are automatically reserved for later use.  You can only store one of each type at a time.  Any powerups collected that are already held in reserve will be instantly activated.  Reserved powerups are represented by the small icons at the bottom right corner of the shooting screen. Choose wisely when to activate a powerup, it could be beneficial or detrimental.

When the powerup appears it will cycle between;
– Shield Repair
– Freeze / Unfreeze ship controls
– 1,000 points
– Reverse controls
– Coolant (Stop your guns from overheating)


Alien Boss Fights

On some levels you will face an alien boss. The boss will create a force field when it appears to protect the rocks, stopping you from shooting them and completing the level.

Each boss has its own powers that will affect your craft or the rocks around you in different ways.


Flying Levels

When in navigation flight, you must fly through all the green gates but avoid the rocks at all costs. You can use the boost button to speed up and gain extra points.  When you fly through a green gate, the ships shield will gain a small recharge.

The flight computer will show you how many objects are left to navigate in the flight using the bar on the left.  The bar on the right shows the distance to the next object.

Arrows will flash up on the HUD to show you the direction of the next object to aid navigation.





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