Atari Jaguar : AstroStorm


AstroStorm is the first game I created for the Atari Jaguar.  It’s a points based endless shoot em up.  Every 2 levels you are faced with a Boss fight and then a navigation mini-game.

Click here to follow the progress and discussion over at AtariAge as it happens.

I’m currently looking into adding further game modes and tweaks.


Rock Levels

Shoot all the rocks to move on to the next level before your shield runs out.
As you advance each level, the rocks get faster and your shield drains quicker.
The top left monitor on your HUD displays a suggested coloured rock to shoot next.  Following the suggested colour sequence will provide bonus points at the end of the level.
The 5 red lights on the left show your gun temperature.  If it overheats, you cannot move for a short period.
At the end of the level, you are presented with points earned that level including hit bonuses (don’t spam that fire button).

Every two levels you are faced with one of three bosses to kill. Each has its own way to damage or slow you down, draining precious shield.  They protect or hide the rocks from you so must be killed in order to finish the level.

Navigation mini-game

After each boss level, you must navigate to the next wave of rocks.
Whilst flying you must try and pass through the green navigation markers.  Doing so, will replenish part of your shield and award points.
Beware, there are also rocks out there you must dodge!

If you shot all the rocks on the previous level in sequence then you will have more health markers to collect, otherwise there will be more rocks to dodge.


B = Fire
D-PAD = Move Crosshair
PAUSE = Pause / Unpause

*+# = Chew on a grenade

When paused you can pick 3 sound detail levels:
0 = Mute
1 = Most sounds

2 = All Sounds

Highscores are saved on memory track if you have one (must burn game to CD first!)

Please Note:

Whilst the game is playable in Virtual Jaguar, it doesn’t quite run at full speed.  For your best enjoyment, please play on real hardware.


Video Recorded from the Jaguar