Prototypes & other stuff

This page contains information and screenshots of other game ideas and code I have been playing around with on the Atari Jaguar.  Some of these will probably turn into something more one day….


New WIP Game: Crumbs!

I’m currently working on this – Obviously based on a certain game but from another perspective. discussions on AtariAge here.


Beat ’em up

This is where I started creating a beat ’em up for the Jaguar.  I’ve always wanted to make one so this will get some more attention once time permits.

You can punch, kick and ‘Rage Punch’.  Blood splatters persist on the floor for the duration of the game.  Graphics are just placeholders; ripped from a well known fighter.

More information on the thread at AtariAge here.


Astrorun (Shelved)

Whilst making ‘NotOutrun’ I needed a break and had an idea for a quick game I might be able to finish.  Taking the road engine I had built previously, I decided to try making an ‘endless runner’ style game where you have to jump over the lava pits and shoot rocks.  All whilst driving!  It definitely has some mileage as a game but it’s not particularly fun to play yet so I haven’t released anything.


Raycaster 1

You’ll see in this thread on AtariAge where I posted the initial code for this.  It was adapted from a Java tutorial I found on the internet.  It ran very slowly on the Jaguar even with some lookup tables.  Eventually I got round to changing the code to fixed-point math and it made all the difference. The newer binary can be downloaded from the thread I linked to above.

Raycaster 2

This was based on the tutorial here.

Once I changed the tutorial code and got it running on the Jaguar (at 1fps) I had to change it to use fixed-point integer math as well as various lookup tables.  This boosted to framerate into  playable double figures.

You’ll notice the playfield is rotated 90 degrees.  This was initially a limitation on the way I drew the graphics but after changing the controls it actually started to feel like it might have possibilities this way around.


Messing with 3D